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About Far Field Pottery LLC     

I returned to pottery after retiring from the practice of law in 2013.  I now live and produce my ceramic art on a lovely twenty-five acre farm in Aiken that I share with my wonderful  husband, our three horses, three dogs and a very large Maine Coon cat.  


     I find my inspiration in the beautiful horse farms surrounding us in the rural South and the wildflowers, blooming dogwoods and streams along the trails I often ride with my horse, Remington.  You may note many of my pieces capture the motion of horses either frolicking in the pasture, turning as the light highlights their musculature or working with their rider in various equestrian sports. These images, coupled with my lifelong love for gardening, farm-fresh cooking and entertaining, culminate in my large bowls, bakeware, serving platters and tabletop pieces, many of which are designed to also hang on the wall as ceramic art. 


     My work celebrates these visual gifts through my extensive use of textures and rich glazes on the ceramic art that I produce for your home.

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