About Far Field Pottery

    Charlotte Venner returned to pottery after retiring from the practice of law in 2013. She now lives and produces her ceramics on a lovely twenty-five acre farm in Aiken with her husband, their three horses, two dogs and 2 cats. Hence, Far Field Pottery  was born.

     Charlotte finds her inspiration in the beautiful horse farms surrounding her in the rural South and the wildflowers and streams along the trails she often rides on her horse, Remington.  Her love for gardening, farm-fresh cooking and entertaining, are reflected in her large platters and tabletop pieces. Many of her pieces capture the motion of beautiful horses or the livestock and wild life of surrounding farms.  

  "I seek to capture the awe evoked by images like a field of wildflowers in the twilight of day, light playing on ripples of water moving over rocks, or a horse cantering through a green pasture in the cool air of dawn.  And I celebrate these gifts through my extensive use of textures and rich glazes on my ceramic tableware and the art I produce for your home. 

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